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Dominica Assorted Kalinago Handbags

Dominica Assorted Kalinago Handbags

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The Dominica assorted Kalinago / Carib Indians crafts are well known in Dominica for their handmade crafts, such as basket weaving, handbags, and calabash plant decorations. Buy these natural handmade Dominica Associated Kalinago Handbags and get them at your doorstep! 

Originally known as the Caribs, the Kalinago are believed to have come from South America and represent the last remaining tribe of the pre-Columbian Carib Indians going back to about 3000 B.C. They may have been related to the Mainland Caribs (Kalina) of South America, but they spoke an unrelated language known as Island Carib. They also spoke a pidgin language associated with the Mainland Caribs. 


The Kalinago-Caribs farm their land collectively and have also developed handicrafts for the tourist market. These raw materials include the larouma reed, mibi, cashibou, the calabash gouge, the frije tree, coconut fibre, shell and husk, and a wide variety of seeds.


The Kalinago Territory was officially formed by British colonial authorities in 1903, in a remote and mountainous area of Dominica's Atlantic coast. It was previously known as the Carib Reserve or Carib Territory, is a 3,700-acre district in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. It was established for the indigenous Kalinago people who inhabited the region prior to European colonization and settlement. 


You must be asking, why did they settle in Dominica?

They brought the first enslaved people from West Africa to Dominica. In 1715, a revolt of "poor white" smallholders in the north of Martinique, known as La Gaoulé, caused an exodus of them to southern Dominica. They set up smallholdings. Meanwhile, French families and others from Guadeloupe settled in the north.


You can tour the territory, offered by Kalinago guides, including hikes along the Asulukati River and its waterfall as well as climbs to the peak of Kabet. From short hikes to overnight stays in simple cottages.  How long you wish to travel back in time is entirely up to you!


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