Supplier's Page

Dear US & Non-US Manufacturers: is committed to Dominica's economic growth and promoting its products on the North American market. As a result, we are offering the following services to manufacturers to be FDA compliant.  

Why register with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

  • To sell to the US market
  • Business expansion/growth
  • To expose Dominica products to a wider international market 
  • To expose foreign customers to environmentally sustainable products 
  • To satisfy the growing demand for Dominica products in the North American Market. 


    For Member Suppliers/Manufacturers: 

           Executive Package (Food suppliers):

             Executive Package (Cosmetics supplies):


      FDA Renewal: Buy It

      For Non-Member Supplier/Manufacturers (packages are sold separately): 
      • FDA Registration - get unique FDA PIN and application printout - Buy it
      • FDA Registration Renewal - Buy it!