Our Story


BuyDominicaonline.com was established in Dec. of 2020 by Dominican Americans, Dr. Joann Jolly-Raphael and Moses Raphael, to provide an outlet for Dominica’s manufactured products on the United States market. This website is designed to provide quick and convenient access to popular Dominica products by Dominicans and non-Dominicans alike. This will also provide producers wider access to the north American marketplace.


Why Buydominicaonline?

Still reeling from the devastating effects of 2017’s Hurricane Maria and now Covid-19, Dominica desperately needs economic growth. The production and sale of Dominica products on local, regional and international markets are crucial in driving that growth. Successful sales will help local suppliers and manufacturers meet their financial obligations and in turn have a direct positive impact on job creation on the island. 

Dominica’s products are crafted from raw materials sourced from the island’s breathtakingly beautiful terrain. From the highest mountains and deepest valleys comes the coffee, cocoa, herbs and other crops used to create the delightful products that is distinctly Dominica.

BuyDominicaonline.com is proud to work with the suppliers and manufacturers on the island to bring you genuine local products. We want to play a critical role in ensuring that much of what is produced in Dominica is available to Dominicans and others in the United States, Canada and the entire globe. Shop our list of available products and let us ship the best of Dominica to you.


Joann Jolly-Raphael, founder and CEO of Buydominicaonline.com.