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Dominica Fine Art Reproduction

Dominica Fine Art Reproduction

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A limited edition of Fine Art canvas prints is available to you by the artists. 

About the Artist Earl Darius Etienne (Bele Series):

Earl Darius Etienne is undoubtedly the most recognized artist, and the most internationally exposed artist, living and working in Dominica to date. He was born in 1957 in Roseau, the capital of the Nature Island of Dominica.

In 1980, Earl was awarded an OAS Fellowship to study fine art at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica. Pursuing creative studies in Jamaica. While studying in Jamaica, Earl had an accident involving fire. The result of the accident inspired him to develop his own unique style of using the image formed by soot, applied directly from a flame, in his artistic work. Earl returned to Dominica after graduation in 1986 and took up a post as a Cultural Officer in the Ministry of Culture while continuing to paint.

Earl Etienne’s artistic works have been featured in many international, regional, and local exhibitions. His works have been included in curated art collections of note in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

Portwe pou tout moun art-print series is honored to make available high-quality canvas prints of the Bele Dancer Series by Earl Darius Etienne. This new series not only celebrates the work of the Nature Island of Dominica’s premier artist but also the vibrancy, rhythm, and color of Dominica’s traditional dances and the people who execute them. The Earl Ettienne series are in limited edition. Each painting is available in three sizes: 24” x 18”, 36” x 24”, and 48” x 36”. The artist signs and numbers each print in his own hand. A certificate of authenticity is provided.

About the Artist, Alwin Bully (Alwin Bully Series):

Alwin Bully was born and raised in Dominica. Well-known throughout the Caribbean, where he has made a distinguished contribution to the region’s art and culture, in particular as a playwright and theatre director, this is his first short-story collection. He was Dominica’s first Chief Cultural Officer (1978-86) before working in Jamaica for UNESCO as the Caribbean’s Cultural Advisor. In 2008, he returned to his birthplace where he is revered for his cultural activism in all its forms.

 Alwin Bully is a creative artist and prize-winning Carnival costume designer. As a designer of the island's National Flag, his artistic legacy is indelibly etched in Dominica's history. Alwin also established Dominica's Cultural Division and was Dominica's first Chief Cultural Officer and the pioneer of the annual Nature Island Literary Festival.

About the Artist, Lisette Stevens (Lisette Series):

Lisette Stevens is a self-taught artist who makes her home in the forested interior of the Nature Island of Dominica.  Her depictions of the exotic bird and marine life of the island are truly synchronized with her spirit: an unmatched reverence and passion for life in general. Her simple but faithful depictions are full of color, energy, and expressive eyes.

Among her paintings include the two endemic parrots of Dominica; The Sisserou or Imperial Parrot (Amazona Imperialis) and the Jacko or Red-Necked Parrot (Amazona Arausiaca.) Another is the female Blue-headed Hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor) sitting on a nest, after a photograph by ornithologist Dr. Paul Reillo. A highlight of her painting career was when she presented a limited-edition portrait of one of her paintings to the Prince of Wales when he visited Dominica after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Other paintings are of the various turtles that live in the seas surrounding Dominica. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and purchasing her work.

These prints (no frames) are shipped directly from Dominica to you via DHL. Please Note: DHL Dominica shipping rates will apply. 

(This item is fulfilled in Dominica; the Christmas offer of free shipping does not apply)   

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