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Bay Rum 240ML/Coal Pot

Bay Rum 240ML/Coal Pot

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Here are 5 top uses for Bay Rum and its many benefits: It can be

  • Applied to your skin after a shower - to keep your skin cool.
  • Used as cologne and aftershave lotion.
  • Used as an under-arm deodorant. It is also a fragrance for shaving soap as well as a general astringent.
  • Used to relieve headaches.
  • Used to de-stress your skin - which decreases wrinkles & breakouts.

Did you know Bay Rum was initially prepared by collecting the distillate from boiling bay leaves in white rum? Now Bay Rum is made from a combination of bay oil, citrus, spice oils, alcohol, and water. The Bay tree grows throughout Dominica but production and distilleries are concentrated in the southeast of the island. A must-try! 


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