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Bee Natural Body Balm 30g

Bee Natural Body Balm 30g

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The ‘Bee Natural’ balms are handmade with local Dominican Beeswax. This specialty ingredient is blended with high-quality plant oils & butter with pure essential oils to achieve soft, rich, therapeutic balms to nourish and protect your skin and hair.

No artificial ingredients are used, such as alcohol, glycerin, emulsifiers, parabens, or hidden fragrances – just 100% natural goodness.

There are eight different balms for every family member and occasion! Enjoy! 

  • Bee Calm - Soothes irritated skin and calms nerves
  • Healing Hands Balm - Moistures hands
  • Tropical Spice Balm -Stimulates muscles and joints for mild pain relief
  • Vapour Balm- Helps alleviate cold and flu symptoms
  • Foot Balm- Anti-Bacterial balm for feet
  • Beard Balm- Nourishes and moistures the beard 
  • Blissful Baby - Dry skin and sore bottoms
  • Unscented Balm - Contains roasted castor seed and sweet honey used for all ages and skin types. 


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