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Eclat Aromatherapy and Facial Bath Bars 5.25 oz

Eclat Aromatherapy and Facial Bath Bars 5.25 oz

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Aromatherapy bath bars are naturally anti-bacterial and are rich in hydrating skin-loving oils that nourish, moisturize, and assist in healthy-looking skin. These bars seal in moisture and oils and maintain the skin’s suppleness. They are made with natural, organic raw Aloe Vera.

Facial bars are rich in essential oils. They are made with organic activated coconut charcoal and kaolin clay.  They are gentle and non-drying facial bars suitable for the entire body. They naturally detoxify, clarify, lighten dark spots, and cleanse the skin to reveal a brighter clearer complexion. 

You have a wide variety to choose from including Honey & Shea, Oatmeal, Turmeric & Rosemary, and Charcoal & Kaolin.

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