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Dominica Cloth Dolls in Wob Dwiyet

Dominica Cloth Dolls in Wob Dwiyet

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These uniquely made treasured Dominica dolls are dressed in Madras fabric which represents the diverse and rich culture of Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. The dolls are made with fabric and are dressed in Madras material, a colorful fabric that wraps each doll. Each doll is dressed beautifully in Dominica attire. These dolls are wearing traditional costumes of Dominica, the National Dress of Dominica, Wob Dwiyet. 

The WOB DWIYET (or Dwiyèt) known as Robe Douillette is the national dress of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is a style of ladies' dress that began appearing in the French West Indies towards the end of the 18th century. Its design is believed to have originated from Southern France, where women at the time wore a similar outfit. Today, this traditional dress is considered a significant aspect of Dominica’s heritage and is usually worn on Creole Day.

Whether you choose Anette or Cassandra, each doll is distinctly Dominica and would be a wonderful addition to your home and family! What a treasure! 



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