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Jolly's Sulphur Antiseptic Ointment 30G

Jolly's Sulphur Antiseptic Ointment 30G

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The Sulphur Antiseptic Ointment is an infusion of locally grown herbs and other natural ingredients. It soothes any irritations or soreness you have without any harmful chemical preservatives or other chemically derived raw materials. 

Sulfur is an essential element that contains these amino acids (cysteinecystine, and methionine) and vitamins (biotin and thiamine) which are organosulfur compounds. Did you know that Sulphur is called brimstone, which means "burning stone"?

Sulfur Ointment is used to treat many kinds of skin disorders such as acne. It is also used to treat seborrheic dermatitis and scabies. In the Caribbean,  it is also used for Acne, Ringworm, Lota, Athlete's foot, and Scabies. 

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