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Arrowroot (Toloma) from Kalinago Territory

Arrowroot (Toloma) from Kalinago Territory

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Arrowroot/Toloma/Maranta Arundinacea is a white, flavorless powder.  Arrowroot benefits include no gluten, B-vitamin powerhouse, supports healthy digestion, good for your little munchkins, boosts metabolic rate, promotes healthy sleep, has a high potassium to sodium ratio, good for your heart, promotes good circulation, aids in weight loss, may lower cholesterol levels and improves kidney.

Uses: Mix the arrowroot into a cold liquid such as water or non-dairy milk and whisk until smooth. It is extremely versatile and the following are some of its uses:

  • A substitute for wheat flour
  • To thicken soups, stews, gravies, and sauces
  • When mixed with other gluten-free flours, it is perfect for bread or cake recipes
  • To make porridge
  • A replacement for cornstarch



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